Your Challenge is
our Expertise

Our job is to change the way freight moves throughout North America

Forager Logistics was founded to make it easier for shippers to transport their product to and from Mexico and Canada, with a focus on servicing the complex supply chain networks in the automotive and aerospace industries. By specializing in your most challenging freight, our network effect makes all your shipping needs easier.

Forager specializes in cross-border transportation:

  • Service through all major border crossing locations at the Southern & Northern borders
  • Overcome language barriers
  • Complex customer paperwork
  • Improved visibility: know where your shipment is in transit

The Forager Way

Foraging is one of the oldest instincts of mankind; a technique used to maximize the chances of survival. The greatest advantage humans developed over animals was the ability to communicate and work cooperatively, passing down wisdom through the generations to refine techniques and rise to the top of the food chain. Foraging is what allowed us to persevere and prosper.

Our tribe of Foragers is resourceful and utilizes divergent thinking to create solutions for your business. We are disruptive innovators seeking to simplify the complex areas of your business. Our Foragers are dependable. We care about our customers, our carriers, and each other.

Here’s what our dedicated team
had to say about being a Forager:

Being a Forager means keeping our promises and owning the role because we are all the face of the organization and the last line of defense.

We come in every day with enthusiasm, passion, and excitement to tackle any challenge and with a positive attitude about taking on difficult situations.

The Forager Way is digging and digging until you find the answer and having the perseverance and creativity to make a way out of nothing.

We go after the difficult stuff that no one else can because it’s the key to betterment for the whole Forager family.

Team Leadership

Matt Silver

Chief Executive Officer

Jordan Salins


Jesse Essman

Chief Operating Officer

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